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TWP stain is a top rated sealer for decks,  fences and other exterior wood.We are a top distributor for TWP 100 Pro-Series stain. It provides a broad spectrum of weather protection, is water repellent, and aids in color retention. TWP® 100 Pro-Series generally resists water absorption that causes warping, cracking, splitting, and prevents freeze damage in colder climates. TWP preservative does not form a film and is easy to strip. Use TWP 100 Pro-Series to Restore and Protect your great outdoors.

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California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Northern Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah

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Coverage of TWP deck stain 100 series

  • TWP deck stain is oil based
  • First coat coverage rate for TWP is 150-200 square feet per gallon
  • Second will apply at 200-300 per gallon.
  • Average is  125-150 sq. feet per gallon for 2 coats wet on wet.

Features of TWP 100 PRO series Total Wood Preservative:

  • Excellent longevity on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Will not peel when applied correctly.
  • Wet on wet application.
  • Penetrating transparent stain, not a film former.
  • Professional choice for all exterior wood deck surfaces.
  • Transparent stain preserves natural wood color.
  • Overall a great preservative that repels water.
  • Sealer falls off the wood and does not bead on heavy rain falls.
  • Aids in color retention and will fade on deck floors evenly.

TWP Pro-100 series stain

  • EPA registered wood preservative
  • Unique combination of chemicals in a professional strength
  • Preserves all exterior woods and decks and log homes.
  • Oil-Base coating that gives wood a rich, beautiful transparent look.
  • Overall a great water repellant sealer for decks
  • preservative stain stops U.V. damage and fading of the stain.
  • Undoubtedly great sealer and stain helps prevent wood rot

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Dry time:

  • Generally dries 12-36 hours with temperature at 70 degrees
  • After deck is sealed, then wait  24 hours for traffic.
  • Do not put furniture on deck until 3 days of drying


California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Northern Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah and Maricopa County; Arizona.

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TWP 100 Pro-series Oil Base Sealer and stain Product Description:

  • Surprisingly NOT sold in Home Depot, Lowes or Menards
  • Preserves and enhances the natural warmth, beauty, and integrity of new and old wood.
  • Penetrates deep into the wood without surface film build-up
  • specifically Designed to provide protection against the four major causes of wood degradation; rot, water, UV damage
  • Mold/mildew. TWP® stain reduces water absorption
  • Overall stops wood rot that destroys wood.

Other facts about TWP Pro series 100

  • Extremely flammable, containing ultraviolet light absorbers
  • Unsurpassed color retention properties.
  • TWP preservative penetrates deeply without excessive surface film build.
  • Will not crack, peel or crack when applied correctly
  • Oil-based stain with a wet on wet application
  • Overall TWP 101 Natural Cedartone is the most popular color with deck owners.
  • Formerly called Total Wood Preservative

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 Use Gemini Restore A Deck cleaner on the deck

Generally the best brush to use to apply TWP stain is the Wooster F5116 Natural bristle stain brush

Where to buy TWP 100 series stain

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  • TWP 200
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  • Specifically TWP stain is used on decks

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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

100 Clear, 101 Cedartone, 102 Redwood, 103 Dark Oak, 105 Cape Cod Gray, 106 Prarie Gray, 115 Honeytone, 116 Rustic, 120 Pecan