Woodrich Cleaner & Brightener – Complete Wood Cleaning & Restoration Kit

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Woodrich Cleaner and Brightener 2lb  Wood Restoration Kit covers up to 750 square feet and contains everything you need to restore a wood deck, wood fence, wood siding, or log cabin. We developed EFC38 to tackle your tough wood deck restoration projects fast. This unique formula provides the strength necessary to strip most semi-transparent stains and sealers, dead, gray wood, mold, mildew, and heavy accumulations of grime. Citralic was designed to neutralize and brighten wood quickly, without the unwanted bleaching or damage to the wood. This step in a professional wood restoration achieves that like-new look of fresh cut wood. Proper surface preparation is the key to successful wood restoration. Use Woodrich cleaner and brightener for wood decks to ensure the best results from your stain.

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Weight 1 lbs
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