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Penofin Red Label Ultra Premium wood stain was created to meet the demand for an exterior wood finish that outperforms all other transparent wood stains. The highly-penetrating Brazilian Rosewood Oil base, from sustainably harvested seeds, protects and nourishes wood fibers far deeper than any other stain. With the added mildew protection the “dark menace” will not attack wood so easily, and helps preserve that freshly-milled look.

Penofin – finishes Stains and wood preparations

Penofin stain Red Label

Penofin Ultra Premium deck stain

  • Increased trans-oxide pigments for 99% ultraviolet protection
  • Clear is popular with deck owners
  • comparatively extra protection against mildew
  • Ten transparent wood stain tones plus clear

Red label vs Blue label

  • Brazilian Rosewood Oil stain that penetrates deep
  • Pigments won’t fade, turn chalky or wash off
  • Overall a 1 coat application
  • Generally 300-400 sq ft per gallon coverage
  • Oil-based stain that is deep penetrating

Application of Penofin Ultra

  • Use Penofin cleaner and brightener step 1 and 2
  • Apply Penofin to a clean dry surface.
  • Do not apply when wood is hot to the touch
  • Minimum temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Brush on, use a stain pad, or spray on using a pump up sprayer equipped with plastic tip.
  • To allow for maximum penetration wait 30 minutes, then remove excess product.
  • Generally surface will be dry to the touch in three hours, and ready for use in 12 hours.

Penofin 250 VOC formula

  • Generally a one-coat formula
  • Do not apply wet-on-wet.
  • If using the two-coat 550 VOC formula, is wet on wet application

Product Performance Warranty

  • PENOFIN® exterior finishes are warranted to perform when applied to wood surfaces according to label instructions.
  •  expect 2 – 5 years on vertical surfaces, 1 – 2 years on horizontal surfaces.
  • We recommend preserving the beauty of your horizontal surfaces by staining every 9 – 24 months.

Color Test – Order Penofin Red Label samples

Maintenance of Penofin Ultra Premium

  • overall a low-solid product
  • Simply wash the surface with water and a mild detergent.
  • Allow your wood surface to dry completely, approximately 48 hours before application.
  • Follow the application for a fresh and beautiful wood surface.

Coverage of Red Label Ultra Premium

  • Generally Coverage is less on rough surfaces
  • Overall more on smooth surfaces.
  • Average coverage is 175-300 sq. ft. per gallon.
  • surprisingly easy to apply

Hardwood application Penofin Red label Ultra Premium

  • Use a brush or sprayer. Brushing gives best results.
  • Brush thoroughly into the wood leaving no excess.
  • Wipe entire surface after 20-30 minutes with a nap-free cloth.
  • Do not allow film to develop on surface.
  • Apply when there is no chance of rain during the process
  • Specifically Do not apply in direct hot sun!
  • A minimum air temperature of 45° is required during application and drying time.
  • Red label is a low-solid product
  • To reapply, simply wash the surface with water and a mild detergent.
  • Allow surface to dry approximately 48 hours.

A Sticky-Tacky Surface for Penofin Red label Ultra Premium

  • Avoid overapplication.
  • In the event of an overapplication, use the following methods to resolve.
  • Allow Penofin to dry for seven days.
  • Use Penofin Protech Cleaner and scrub the surface
  • Use Penofin Wood Stripper for tough jobs.
  • Allow the surface to dry for 48 hours before reapplying

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