TWP 1500 Pro Series 5 Gallon Pail

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TWP 1500 series stain in a 5-gallon pail is a top rated sealer for decks, fences and other exterior wood. We are a top distributor for TWP 1500 Series stain. It provides a broad spectrum of weather protection, is water repellent, and aids in color retention. TWP® 1500 Series generally resists water absorption that causes warping, cracking, splitting, and prevents freeze damage in colder climates. TWP preservative does not form a film and is easy to strip. Use TWP 1500 Series to Restore and Protect YOUR GREAT OUTDOORS! 

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TWP 1500 Pro-series

For best results prior to staining use Use Gemini Restore A Deck cleaner

Features of TWP 1500 Series Total Wood Preservative:

  • Excellent longevity on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Will not peel when applied correctly.
  • Wet on wet application.
  • Penetrating transparent stain, not a film former.
  • Professional choice for all exterior wood deck surfaces.
  • Transparent stain preserves natural wood color.
  • Overall a great preservative that repels water.
  • Sealer falls off the wood and does not bead on heavy rain falls.
  • Aids in color retention and will fade on deck floors evenly.

TWP 1500 series stain can ship to all states

  • EPA registered wood preservative
  • Since TWP 1500 is VOC compliant, it can ship to all states
  • Unique combination of chemicals in a professional strength
  • Preserves all exterior woods and decks and log homes.
  • Oil-Base coating that gives wood a rich, beautiful transparent look.
  • Overall, a great water repellent sealer for decks
  • Preservative stain stops U.V. damage and fading of the stain.
  • Undoubtedly great sealer and stain helps prevent wood rot

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Coverage and dry time

  • 1 coat coverage
  • 200 sq ft per gallon
  • Generally dries 12-36 hours with temperature at 70 degrees
  • After deck is sealed, then wait  24 hours for traffic.
  • Do not put furniture on deck until 3 days of drying

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TWP 1500 Series Oil Base Sealer and stain Product Description:

  • Surprisingly NOT sold in Home Depot, Lowes or Menards
  • Preserves and enhances the natural warmth, beauty, and integrity of new and old wood.
  • Penetrates deep into the wood without surface film build-up
  • Specifically designed to provide protection against the four major causes of wood degradation; rot, water, UV damage
  • Mold/mildew. TWP® stain reduces water absorption
  • Overall stops wood rot that destroys wood.

Other facts about TWP 1500 Series

  • Extremely flammable, containing ultraviolet light absorbers
  • Unsurpassed color retention properties.
  • TWP preservative penetrates deeply without excessive surface film build.
  • Will not crack, peel or crack when applied correctly
  • Oil-based wood stain is a 1 coat application
  • Overall TWP 1501 Natural Cedartone is the most popular color with deck owners.
  • Formerly called Total Wood Preservative

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 Use Gemini Restore A Deck cleaner on the deck

Generally the best brush to use to apply TWP stain is the Wooster F5116 Natural bristle stain brush

Where to buy TWP stain

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Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1500 Clear, 1501 Cedartone, 1502 Redwood, 1503 Dark Oak, 1504 Black Walnut, 1511 California Red, 1515 Honeytone, 1516 Rustic, 1520 Pecan, 1530 Natural