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Sikkens Proluxe Log and Siding is a top rated stain is a high-performance translucent exterior stain for log homes. Sikkens Proluxe Cetol Log and Siding’s two-coat satin finish creates a protective film that gives siding and logs a premium furniture-like satin finish that allows all the natural characteristics and grain of the wood to show through. Available in 7 natural wood tones and clear.

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Previously know as Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding Finish. Akzo Nobel (Manufacturer of Sikkens) sold their North American Architectural Coatings division to PPG in 2017

Sikkens log & Siding 078 Natural 077 Cedar

PPG Proluxe Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding 078 Natural

Key Features of Sikkens Proluxe Log & Siding:

  • Creates a durable surface barrier to prevent weathering
  • Allows natural characteristics and grain of wood to show through
  • Minimizes cracking due to expansion and contraction of wood
  • Translucent film forming stain
  • 2 coat system
  • Satin finish

Application of Proluxe Log and Siding 085 Teak

  • Airless sprayer using a .011”-.013” tip at 1200 – 1700 psi.
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed
  • To prevent drips back brush after a few minutes.
  • Satin finish and film forming
  • Solvent based or oil based stain with next wave technology.
  • Log and Siding is a high solids alkyd resin technology
  • Recommend for log homes, doors, wood beams, exterior siding and trim

Clean Up – Coverage of PPG Log and Siding Dark Oak 009

  • Paint thinner cleanup
  • Dries in 6 hours at 78º F (20º C) and 65% relative humidity
  • Dries to re-coat in 24 hours
  • Dries to touch in 6 hours
  • On rough and weathered surfaces, 150-225 sq. ft./gallon.
  • On smooth surfaces or hardwoods, 300-400 sq ft./gallon.
  • Actual coverage may vary depending on the type, age and texture of the wood and application method.

Recommended chinking or log filler:

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Preparation Procedures for New, Weathered and Uncoated Wood:

  • The best method to prepare vertical wood surfaces is to sand with 80 – 120 grit sandpaper
  • Recommend cleaning the surface with a deck cleaner or stripper
  • Apply this solution generously to the wood with a garden pump sprayer.
  • Let the solution sit on the wood for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • During this period, scrub the surface with a hard bristle brush to help remove mill glaze and/or weathering.
  • Do not let the solution dry on the wood.
  • Keep it wet as your are working. Do your best to work on the sides opposite of the sun.
  • Power wash the cleaning solution from the wood.

Application of PPG Log and Siding on hardwoods

  • Wipe the surface with acetone immediately prior to application.
  • Rough-sawn wood with less than four (4) weeks outside exposure should be dry brushed with a stiff bristle brush to remove loose dirt, fiber and debris.
  • Follow standard preparation procedures if exposure has been longer than four (4) weeks or dirt and debris remain visible.
  • New pressure treated lumber requires a six (6) week drying period prior to application.
  • Water repellant treated lumber requires one (1) year of weathering prior to application.
  • Old coatings must be completely removed before applying the first coat of any PPG Cetol system.

How to prep for Sikkens Proluxe Log and Siding 077 Cedar

  • Do not exceed 500 PSI. The nozzle must be a maximum of one (1) foot from the surface for full effectiveness.
  • Let the surface dry for three (3) days before application
  • Make sure moisture content is below 18%
  • Clean with a TSP solution, by applying a solution of four (4) ounces of oxalic acid crystals in a gallon of warm water.
  • This solution should be allowed to sit on the affected area for 15 – 20 minutes before the final rinse with a power washer.
  • Do not let the solution dry on the surface.
  • Fill all joints, cracks, and nail holes with Conceal caulk or Log Builder and let cure prior to applying the coating system.

Application for Sikkens Proluxe Log & Siding 078 Natural

  •  Color can vary with application, porosity and type of wood
  • After preparation apply two (2) coats of Proluxe Cetol Log & Siding assuring thorough dry time (minimum 24 hours) between coats.
  • Recommended natural bristle brush with a handle where a pole can be inserted for ease of use.
  • Brush in the direction of the wood grain
  • Apply from the bottom up to avoid drips.
  • Cetol Log & Siding needs UV light to cure properly.
  • Cetol Log & Siding is compatible over an existing Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus system.
  • The side that gets the least sun – You can use Cetol Maintenance Clear

Wood peckers and insects?  Add Walla Walla Bug juice to the stain

  • Use Sashco Log Jam chinking after Proluxe Log and Siding stain
  • Use backer rods as a filler prior to chinking

First Coat of Proluxe Cetol Log and Siding stain

  • Apply from the bottom up to avoid drips which may streak on the surface below.
  • Perform a two (2) coat color and sheen test on a sample of the wood on green, wet or treated logs
  • Color can vary with application, porosity and type of wood.
  • During application, saturate all end grains, nail holes, cavities, and cracks in the wood.
  • Brush on a liberal coat
  • Brush on a liberal coat and maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks.
  • Once stained, fill all small cracks in logs with Sashco conceal caulk or Sikkens caulk

What is Sikkens stain called now

  • PPG Proluxe stain
  • PPG dropped the Cetol name from all Sikkens stain
  • Do not use PPG Proluxe Log and Siding on horizontal surfaces or decks

Maintenance Coat

PPG Proluxe Sikkens Log & Siding colors

  • SIK42005 NATURAL OAK 005
  • SIK42009 DARK OAK 009
  • SIK42072 BUTTERNUT 072
  • SIK42077 CEDAR 077
  • SIK42078 NATURL 078
  • SIK42085 TEAK 085

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Weight 42 lbs
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078 Natural, 077 Cedar, 005 Natural Oak, 009 Dark Oak, 085 Teak, 072 Butternut, 996 Natural Light