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Penofin Stain & Sealer offers an easy to use, quality solution to protect and enhance the beauty of wood. Penofin® Stain & Sealer is a penetrating, oil based, semi-transparent wood stain and sealer in one. Specifically formulated for both ease of application and to protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood. This formulation offers first class protection from water, mold, mildew, and damaging UV rays.

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penofin stain and seal


Brown Label Stain & Sealer from Penofin

  • Does not crack, chip or flake
  • No runs or streaks.
  • Penofin® Stain & Sealer can withstand rain & water less than a few minutes of application
  • Surprisingly easy to maintain
  • V.O.C. Less than 100 grams/liter.
  • Can be shipped to all states

Penofin® Stain & Sealer Brown Label is available in four beautiful colors:

  • Natural Cedar
  • Transparent Redwood
  • Mission Brown
  • Dark Walnut

Surface preparation for Penofin stain

Penofin Stain & Sealer Brown Label will perform better than Ready Seal

  • Penofin does not leave lap marks
  • No Back Brushing
  • No Streaks
  • UV Protection
  • Great Mold & Mildew Protection
  • Surprisingly excellent water proofer
  • Lower than (<100 g/L) VOC


  • Apply two thin coats or one thick coat.
  • Surface must be completely dry before application.
  • Whenever possible apply with a brush, roller, pump sprayer or airless sprayer.
  • Stir occasionally throughout application
  • If pooling or puddling occurs on horizontal surfaces, then remove excess with rag, brush or roller

Recoat time

  • low 1 hour before applying 2nd coat.
  • TEMPERATURE LIMITS: Heat and direct sunlight have no impact on coating performance.
  • Low temperatures will only impact dry time and prolong full cure time.
  • Penofin does not freeze
  • Best to use a natural bristle brush

Overall dry time of Penofin stain & sealer:

  • Generally 24 hours depending on temperature
  • Wait 72 hours (3 days) before returning furniture
  • Heavy traffic for a few days
  • If puddling occurs on horizontal surfaces, then remove with a rag and thinner

Coverage of Penofin Brown Label :

  • Overall 125 – 175 sq. ft./gallon, depending on for Fences
  • Overall 250-350 on newer decks
  • 150 sq. ft/gallon on rough sawn fences

Eventually, sunlight, rain, snow and dew all take their toll on wood. Keep decks free of standing water. Minimize damage from snow and ice by using a calcium magnesium acetate product. Sweep and blow leaves and other debris from trees and plants regularly.

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