Masonry Saver All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellant

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MasonrySaver All Purpose Heavy-Duty Water Repellent is a water-based silane/siloxane water repellent that seals and protects concrete and masonry surfaces.

In addition to repelling water, this product also protects against damage caused by de-icing salts. De-icing salts used to melt snow and ice can deteriorate concrete and masonry over time. This concrete and masonry sealer penetrates concrete and masonry up to 1/4” or more, creating a long-lasting, protective barrier against damage caused by the elements.

This product will not alter surface color or appearance, with little or no gloss created. Slight darkening may occur on dense surfaces. Testing is recommended before treating any surface to ensure desired results. It is ideally suited for use on exterior, above-grade concrete or masonry surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, patios, pavers, brick, precast or cast in place concrete, mortars, exposed aggregate products, Portland cement stuccos, and concrete masonry units.

MasonrySaver All Purpose Heavy-Duty Water Repellent reacts with the minerals in concrete and masonry in the presence of ultraviolet light and atmospheric moisture. This reaction forms strong permanent bonds beneath the surface and creates a hydrophobic zone that prevents water molecules from penetrating, while allowing free migration of water vapors. The chemical bonds formed in this process allow MasonrySaver All Purpose Heavy-Duty Water Repellent to become an integral part of the substrate and provide long term water repellent protection.

  • Protect & Seal: Ideal for All Untreated Concrete & Masonry Surfaces
  • Versatile Solution: Use on Concrete, Brick, Stone & More
  • Long Lasting Protection: 7 Year Warranty on Vertical Surfaces
  • Prevents Unsightly Damage: Protection from Cracking, Pitting, Spalling & Freeze-Thaw Damage
  • Prevents De-Icing Salt Damage: Defends Concrete Against Deterioration Caused by De-Icing Salts in the Wintertime
  • Easy to Use: Apply with Pump Sprayer or Paint Roller
  • Easy to Clean Up: Simply Clean Up with Soap & Water

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Weight 9 lbs

1 Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail