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Conceal Caulk or referred to as “Sikkens caulk”

Conceal Caulk for log homes



Contractors and homeowners refer to Conceal caulking as “Sikkens caulking“. Conceal caulking matches the Sashco Transformation stain line-up of colors. Matches all of Proluxe Sikkens Log and Siding colors. Apply after the logs are stained. Not found at Home Depot.

Product Overview

Easy to use – Hard to See – Conceal Textured Caulk for Wood

You want to see your logs, not shiny caulk lines, but caulk is necessary to keep the weather and bugs out. You need Conceal® Textured Caulk For Wood. Conceal® is the first caulk designed specifically for wood. Its lightly textured to simulate the natural roughness of wood and extremely elastic to maintain a years-long seal that keeps weather, bugs, and moisture out. Available in seven colors designed to complement the most popular wood stain colors, Conceal® disappears into the woodwork so you don’t know where the wood starts and the caulk begins.

Conceal Textured Wood Caulk benefits include:

  • Lightly textured to blend in with wood grain
  • Super elastic
  • Powerful adhesion to wood
  • Compatible with all Sashco stains
  • Goes on smooth, easy to work with
  • Resistant to rainfall in 1-4 hours
  • Water clean-up
  • Low odor
  • Paintable and stainable
  • UV resistant
  • Freeze-thaw stable – OK to leave in your truck overnight
  • Matches colors of Sikkens Log and Siding stain



  • Can I apply it before I stain to get a better match?
    Possibly. It is best to apply the closest color Conceal after all staining is complete, so long as you’re using a compatible stain. Because most stains are relatively rigid, when they’re applied over a flexible material like Conceal, the stain will crack (unlike the sealants) when the logs move like we know they do, and the underlying sealant will show through.
  • Can I chink with this product?
    Yes, if the chink line is smaller than 1 1/2″ wide. Anything with a wider width should be filled with Chinker’s Edge or Log Jam.
  • Can I use this product on the interior of my home?
    Yes! Be sure to follow all proper application instructions as outlined in the Data Tech.
  • Can I use Log Builder or Conceal around gutters?
    In general, no. In areas that may experience high volumes of water, water based products should not be used.
  • Can I use it on a joint over 2 inches?
    In general, no. Log Jam or Chinker’s Edge would be better choices for gaps this wide. Log Builder and Conceal both works well on joints that range from 1/4″ to 2″ wide.
  • How should I tool Log Builder and Conceal?
    The best way for many people is with a damp foam-wedge brush. Others prefer shaped metal trowels or any curved tool to push the caulking into the joint. You do need to tool the bead, even if you’ve laid it down very neatly. Tooling pushes the bead of caulking into contact with the wood, ensuring great adhesion!
  • What is the difference between Log builder and Conceal?
    Conceal is lightly textured and diffuses light, so the caulk “disappears”. Log Builder has no texture and gives a more shiny finish when dry.
  • Will it stick to stone and masonry where my fireplace attaches to my logs? Will it work where my aluminum flashing meets logs or metal roof meets logs?
    Yes, both will adhere very well to such stone and masonry. Your main concern should be that if the stone or masonry is made hot by the fireplace, then the sealant will likely not survive such high temperatures. Be sure to read the Data Tech for specific temperature ranges to ensure the product will work for you.
  • protects from wood and log rot

What is the difference of caulking vs chinking?

The main difference between chinking and caulking is texture and elasticity. Caulking is more elastic than chinking and has no texture or very light texture. When learning how to seal a log home, it’s important that the stain you use be chemically compatible with the caulk you use. If they’re not compatible, the caulk won’t stick and you’ll end up where you started. All Sashco stains are compatible with Sashco caulks.

Available in:

  • Frontier Gold
  • Harvest Wheat
  • Brown Tone
  • Weathered Gray
  • Grizzly Brown
  • Red Tone
  • Redwood

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Weight 42 lbs
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5 gallon Pail, 30 oz single tube, 30 oz case of 10, 10.5 case of 12


Frontier Gold, Harvest Wheat, Brown Tone, Red Tone, Redwood, Grizzly Brown, Weathered Grey