Defy Ultra Stain 1 Gallon

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DEFY Ultra Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain is available in six stunning, long-lasting colors. They stain and seal with a premium finish that provides a high-end look for years to come.

Defy Ultra stain

Maximum Protection Against the Damaging Effects of the Elements

DEFY Ultra offers two times the protection against damaging UV rays and water penetration. The first line of defense is zinc nano-particles. Tiny zinc nano-particles form a UV barrier that protects your wood from damaging UV rays that cause fading and graying, preserving and prolonging the life of DEFY wood stain. DEFY Ultra also has added silicone and siloxane waterproofing technologies. This seals and waterproofs your wood, protecting it from the damaging effects of water penetration.

  • Superior Performance & Beauty: Applies smoothly, penetrates the wood and has acrylic resin provides durability and color retention.
  • Oil & Water Formulation: 
  • Zinc Nano-Technology: Blocks harmful UV rays, as well as black stains
  • Enhanced Water Resistance.
  • Satin Sheen Finish.
  • One or 2 coat stain
  • Adds a rich color 
  • Rich elegant finish

Start with Defy wood cleaners before staining

Premium water-based stain

  • Longer lasting stain than Defy Extreme
  • Easy to apply
  • Soap and water clean-up
  • Rainproof in Just 4 Hours
  • 2nd Coat Adds Deeper Color & Sheen
  • 1st Coat Creates Flat Finish

Defy Ultra comes in an easy to pour jug

  • Don’t Mess with Messy Cans.
  • Our Containers are Better for Shipping, Pouring & Storing.
  • Superior Stain for Long-Lasting Beauty & Protection

2x the protection with Defy Ultra deck stain

  • Zinc nano-particles block harmful UV rays, as well as stains caused by mold and mildew. It’s like sunscreen for your wood.
  • Added silicone & siloxane waterproofing technology seals and protects your wood from the damaging effects of water penetration.

    Added protection to the wood

    • Generally can clean, brighten and stain all in one day.
    • DEFY stains are penetrating stains that soak into the wood pores to form a strong, long-lasting bond.
    • No messy solvents needed!

    Where to buy Defy Ultra stain

    • Not found at Lowes
    • Overall not found at Home Depot
    • Lowest prices online with fast shipping

    Defy stain reviews

  • DEFY stains can be applied to visibly dry wood or wood that is slightly damp.
  • DEFY not only stains the wood, but it also seals it against water penetration
  • DEFY stains are formulated with the latest technology, combined with high-quality ingredients that create a lasting finish that is not prone to peeling, premature fading, or graying.
  • DEFY Ultra stains offer weather protection from the sun, rain, and snow.

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Weight 9 lbs

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