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Ipe Oil® Hardwood Deck Finish  100 VOC features a special formulation for exotic hardwood decking and siding to ensure exceptional protection with very little rising of the wood grain. It stabilizes and nourishes hardwoods from within. Best oil for hardwood wood decks.

Only available for sale in California South Coast AQMD jurisdiction; 100 VOC Ipe Oil

Home-owners and Pro contractors appreciate the elegance of well-maintained hardwood deck or the sleek surface of hardwood rain screen siding. Nevertheless, not many realize that safeguarding hardwoods from the harmful impact Ultraviolet sun rays and dampness will add many years to the lifetime of their patio or exterior hardwood siding. Therefore, saving substantial finances in replacement costs, as well as reducing the imprint of exotic lumber resources.

Each and every hardwood deck owner has made a great investment in the lavish natural hardwood beauty that will survive for years if it is properly sealed. Ipe Oil® is an oil based hardwood stain exclusively formulated to dry properly on Ipe, Mahogany, Cumaru and also many other oily exotic lumber that trigger finish drying trouble for other brand names.

Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish is an oil-based natural wood finish and stain that will leave IPE wood looking wet. It is specifically formulated to protect and preserve the natural beauty of exterior hardwood decks. Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish by Deckwise provides excellent penetration of even the densest hardwoods with minimal raising of the grain. It protects and conditions the wood while maintaining a completely natural appearance. For exceptional results on Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru and other exotic hardwoods, Ipe Oil™ stain by Deckwise is the best solution.  Don’t forget to use the Ipe sealer on the end grains.

Why Choose Ipe Oil Plus?

As we all know, water can be lumber’s biggest enemy. This robust hardwood oil stain penetrates down deep into the dense, resin-rich fibers of hardwoods to highlight the all-natural wood grain depth and patina qualities. Ipe Oil® hardwood deck oil stain is a durable, clear, and stain resistant hardwood oil finish. Our hardwood stain utilizes Transoxide pigments for powerful U.V. defense and extra grain enhancement. This deck oil formula provides advanced safeguards from the destructive effects of severe temperatures, humidity, mildew, mold, fungi, rainfall, snow, and the sun’s damaging rays.

When it comes to fungi and mildew growth, we all look to linseed oil as the culprit. While Ipe Oil® does contain linseed oil as one of its components, it also contains synthetic resins that are made from linseed oil, so it’s not just an oil but a blend of different things for superior results.

What does make a big difference with mildew growth is the quality and amount of fungicide used in the formula. DeckWise® uses a very high quality fungicide, and quite a lot of it.

The most important thing with any oil finish is making sure the surface is clean and dry before application. This will go a long ways towards reducing the likelihood of any mildew growth on the wood. As fungicides are only designed to inhibit the growth of mildew on the stain, not kill existing spores that may be on the wood before applying.  Please prep wood  prior to sealing with IPE oil stain.

Our hardwood oil deck stain contains a precise combination of linseed oil for maximum wood grain penetration, oil solids for longevity and organic oils for color depth and water repelling features. Translucent iron oxide pigments are additionally added to warrant UV absorption. Ipe Oil® allows wood to breathe, which inturn is essential in working with exotic hardwoods such as Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Teak, Brazilian Redwood, and many other wood species. The result following years of development is a hardwood oil finish of unmatched overall performance designed to protect ones exotic wood surfaces, rich with color and dimension.


Most deck finish coatings form a film on the surface to offer natural wood color and keep moisture out. Some brands may last just a few months or two before they turn unsightly. Nevertheless many film coatings fail, and also require sanding or stripped before the hard wood can be re-coated.

Ipe Oil® then again, penetrates into the wood grain and defends from within and is not a surface film that will bubble, crack, or peel. Decking and hardwood siding restoration is a simple clean, brighten and re-coat. No major sanding or stripping should be needed. And hardwood which is left to discolor to a silver patina gray after coating, can be effortlessly restored to a gorgeous natural timber look even after many years of weathering.

When deck builders need their customer’s hardwood projects to last 75 years or more and maintain its natural beauty, they turn to Ipe Oil® deck oil. 1 gallon of Ipe Oil® Hardwood Deck Oil covers approximately 250 ft2 and is formulated as an oil-based natural wood finish with a 100 VOC. To say “Made in America” feels so good!

Paint thinner or mineral spirits clean-up


Brush, Roller & Rag Application: For the best results, utilize a high quality 3/8” nap roller, pad applicator or stain brush. To minimize lapping, maintain a wet edge lengthwise and do not break in the middle of boards. One coat is sufficient for most applications. Always apply oil onto the boards parallel to the grain of the wood. For exterior home furniture hand apply the finish into the hardwood grain simply by using a soft cloth. NOTE: Product not absorbed into the wood within 30-45 minutes must be thoroughly removed.

Spray Application: When spraying, back brush or roll to prevent sags and runs. Cover surrounding areas to protect from over spray. For airless spray, use .015” to .019” tip size for best results. NOTE: Product not absorbed into the wood within 30-45 minutes must be thoroughly removed.

Wipe Off Excess: Depending on temperature and direct sunlight verses shade, soak time may need adjusted. It is essential to wipe excess oil completely and attention paid to pooling after application. Continue to wipe excess oil until no surface sheen or leeching is noticeable. Wood surface must NOT look wet and will have a matte finish.

Maintenance: Clean and brighten hardwoods at least once a year with Deck & Wood Cleaner Part 1 and Deck & Wood Brightener Part 2 or use the Woodrich Deck Maintenance Kit with all the products and tools needed in one handy package. Apply Ipe Oil® for Hardwood Decks every one to two years in most applications for desired natural hardwood color.

Approximate Coverage per Gallon

Smooth Wood: 250-300 sq ft / gallon
Rough Wood: 150-250 sq ft / gallon
*Coverage on dense hardwoods

What is Ipe Wood?

Ipe (spelled ipe and pronounced “ee-pay”), also called Brazilian walnut, is a beautiful exotic wood from South America. Ipe wood structures are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather, and insects. It is almost twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder. It is medium to darker brown in color, like a mahogany, so not only lasts a long time but has the beauty of a fine interior wood. If Ipe lumber is allowed to patina, color can be brought back to its original shade with the use a cleaner and brightener. Ipe wood lumber has become a very popular and inexpensive alternative to teak lumber.

How is it Used?

Ipe Wood Lumber is used for decking and other outdoor applications like furniture, siding, and fencing. Its has a extremely long life in the outdoors. It can last up to 75 years and will last more than 40years  in almost all applications. That is 4-7 times as long as most pressure treated woods. If you want to build something to last for a long time, Ipe is an excellent choice.

Pros & Cons?


  • Strong
  • Hard
  • Long lasting
  • Smooth
  • Ages gracefully
  • Naturally fire and rot resistant
  • insect resistant


  • Heavy
  • Requires pre-drilling or hidden installation hardware

What is the Price?

Ipe wood is a commodity like all woods, so pricing changes based on availability, quantity, and the market. As a direct importer we can provide extremely competitive pricing. So please contact us today. The price of Ipe is higher than pressure treated pine or cedar but it lasts many times longer than either of those options.

Where is it from?

Ipe comes from the Tabebuia Tree, which is native to the American tropics and subtropics from Mexico and the Caribbean to Argentina. The wood is sourced from a very large geographic area.

Part of the reason for woods toughness is the Tropical Environment that it exists in. It has natural hardness and oils that make it a naturally treated wood which will last a long time in all environments.

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