Sikkens Proluxe Rubbol Solid Stain

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Description:Rubbol Solid Stain is a hybrid alkyd/acrylic with the advantages of both technologies. This formula offers excellent penetration and adhesion over both bare and previously coated surfaces. This premium, solid color stain has a low sheen finish that will complement any décor.

Sikkens Proluxe Rubbol® Solid Stain is a hybrid alkyd/acrylic opaque coating, engineered for versatility and durability. It has excellant color retention and adhesion on many types of surfaces, such as pressure treated wood, cedar, spruce, pine or even fir. This type of finish allows the texture of wood to show through but not the natural color of the wood/substrate.

Recommended Uses Use as a protective coating on exterior wood surfaces specifically designed for application over previously coated surfaces as well as bare wood.

May be used on:

  • Siding Shakes
  • Outdoor wood decks
  • Log Siding
  • Shingles Exterior
  • Plywood
  • Fences
  • Pre-Primed Fiber Cement Siding

Key Features:

  • Light-fast formula ensures long-term beauty of the wood surface
  • Enhances exterior wood with a bright and smooth finish
  • Easy application and soap and water clean-up
  • Self priming solid color stain


Sheen:Low Luster


  • Hybrid Alkyd/Acrylic
  • Excellent adhesion and penetration
  • Breathable resin Durable surface film
  • Water clean up
  • Less frequent maintenance


  • Smooth wood  350-400 sq ft per gallon
  • Rough sawn wood 150-200 sq ft per gallon

Usage: All types of exterior wood, except exotic hardwood

Clean Up: Soap and Water

Application Method

  • Long haired nylon/polyester brush
  • Synthetic roller
  • Airless sprayer (tip: 0.013 – 0.017/inch and pressure 1800-2000 psi).
  • Back brushing or back rolling is recommended after spray application on raw wood.

Dry Time:(At 77º F (25º C) and 50% relative humidity)

  • Dries to touch in approximately 3 hours
  • To light foot traffic in 24 to 48 hours
  • Wait 72 hours before replacing furniture

Number of coats:2

Before applying Proluxe Sikkens Rubbol Siding Finish, prepare a two-coat test sample on bare wood to confirm desired color and sheen. Stir thoroughly and often during use. Intermix containers to ensure color uniformity. Two coats are recommended for raw wood. One or two coats on previously coated surfaces. (Some colors, or drastic color changes may require more than one coat to achieve a uniform finish). Keep a wet edge to prevent lap marks. Apply in the direction of the grain, coating a few boards at a time from end to end. Stop only at natural breaks, such as corners. Some types of siding can collect water on the V-groove such as Herringbone and Chevron. Wood siding that has been installed over rigid or aluminum foil faced foam sheathing will be exposed to high moisture conditions (condensation behind the wood siding) and excess heat build up because of the reflection of the heat from the sunlight. Under these conditions the coating may lose its adhesion to the surface (peeling), the wood may split, crack, warp and/or develop micro-organisms. In these cases we recommend the installation of furring strips, also called strapping, and coating the back of the siding prior to the application of the Sikkens systems.

Tint Base Information

  • 100 White – Gallon and 5 Gallons
  • 110 Light Tint Base – Gallon and 5 Gallons
  • 120 Medium Tint Base – Gallon and 5 Gallons
  • 140 Ultra Deep Tint Base – Gallon and 5 Gallon Pails


Working With Rubbol® Siding Finish

Preparation Procedures All Types of Vertical Surfaces: New, Weathered, Uncoated Wood, Previously Coated Wood The best method to prepare vertical wood surfaces is to sand with 80-120 grit sandpaper. However, an alternative to sanding for preparation is listed below. Cleaning Recommendation

  • 1. Spray the surface with clean water, wetting the wood.
  • 2. Clean the surface with a solution of four ounces of 100% powdered Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) or phosphate free substitute plus one quart of liquid bleach in three quarts of water. Apply this solution generously to the wood with a garden pump sprayer.
  • 3. Let the solution sit on the wood for 15-20 minutes. During this period, scrub the surface with a hard bristle brush to help remove mill glaze and weathering. Do not let the solution dry on the wood. Keep the wood wet.
  • 4. Power wash the cleaning solution from the wood with clean water. To prevent damaging the wood, do not exceed 500 psi. The nozzle must be a maximum of one foot from the surface for full effectiveness.
  • 5. Let the surface dry for three days before application (i.e., the moisture content is below 18%).

Tips for applying Sikkens Proluxe Rubbol solid color stain

It is always recommended to perform a two-coat test sample to confirm desired color results.

New rough-sawn wood (less than four weeks old) should be dry-brushed using a brush with stiff bristles to remove loose dirt and fibers. If debris is still present then follow the preparation procedures.

Extractive-prone wood species such as cedar or redwood may require a non-bleed oil-based primer.

Weathered grey wood or wood affected with blue fungi or rust from nails may be treated after the surface preparation by applying a solution of four ounces of oxalic acid crystals in one gallon of warm water. This solution should be allowed to sit on the affected areas for 15-20 minutes before the final power wash with clean water. Let dry three days before coating.

Fill all joints, cracks and nail holes with a good quality polyurethane or acrylic caulk/filler prior to applying the coating.

Coatings in poor condition, i.e., peeling and flaking, need to be completely removed before applying an new finish


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